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HEIMSKRINGLA is the largest collection of Old Norse and Nordic source texts on the internet – currently some 7300 titles.

HEIMSKRINGLA primarily consists of eddic texts, sagas, and scaldic poetry, secondarily of background material and sources related to Sami culture.

HEIMSKRINGLA is based on the belief that these texts – as part of our common cultural heritage – should be freely available to everyone.


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WE PRESENT: digitalized

Jættepigerne Fenja og Menja male guld til Frode Fredegod . 1906.jpg
Nordiske Folks Overtroe, Guder, Fabler og Helte
By Jacob Bærent Møinichen, 1800.
In the year 1800, Jacob Bærent Møinichen published this almost 500-page reference work on the mythology and legendary history of the Nordic peoples. With its 1000 entries, the author not only covers all the Old Norse gods and mythological beings but also many of the legendary kings, heroes, and villains that appear in Saxo's Chronicle. The work provides a good impression of how far mythologists during the national romanticism period were willing to go to make all the pieces fit together - even if it resulted in four Odins and three Thor figures. Several of the entries contain curious information and entertaining comments.

WE PRESENT: on print

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I begyndelsen var skriget
Vikingetidens myter om skabelsen
By Henning Kure, 2010
I begyndelsen var skriget is an eye-opening proposition for a new understanding of our ancestors' mythology. Most people have an idea that the Vikings divided their world into good and evil, Æsir and giants, who waged war against each other. Snorri Sturluson's 13th-century Edda forms the basis for this perception. In this book, Henning Kure moves behind Snorri and offers a possible Old Norse perspective on the world, man, and life that sheds an entirely new light on the ancient myths. –
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