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Reinhard Möws.

My name is Reinhard Möws. I was born on the 13th of december in 1960 in the Hanseatic town of Rostock (Germany). Since my graduation I´m working as an electrician for the German Rail.

In 2008 i started to be interested in megalithic tombs and other prehistoric sites. At the time of January 2013 I´ve visited already 800 megalithic tombs, stone circles, standing stones, rock carvings and other stuff like that. Because of missing informations about places to find i started my website Großsteingräber und Megalithbauwerke. There you can find pictures, descriptions (if available for me), coordinates (linked with Google Maps) and directions to every site i´ve visited.

Most places i´m visiting are in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. Almost every year on my vacation in Scandinavia, especially Sweden and Norway, i discover many new places. I´ve been also at places in France, Denmark and Finland.

Furthermore I am also interested in much older stuff, in fossils :)

I also like to listen to music. Ranging from glam rock from the seventies, about Pink Floyd, till hard rock and (mostly) Scandinavian Pagan and Viking Metal.

The rest of my spare time i spend with making my own music. I put all my ideas into songs by playing all instruments by myself. Most of the lyrics are written by my girlfriend. She´s also the singer of all that songs. She also made the melodie to some of her old lyrics. The lyrics often are related to Norse mythology, gods, or stuff from the Middle Ages. Some lyrics are made from a friend of us. He likes to write dark tales.

In summer i like to play Kubb.

And if there´s still left a bit time, i enjoy reading books by Stephen King.

However, bit by bit i will put more and more pictures here, although this will be only a small part of all the places i´ve visited...

Pictures from Østfold, Norway

Pictures from Hedmark, Norway

Pictures from Rogaland, Norway

Pictures from Sør-Trøndelag, Norway

Pictures from Nord-Trøndelag, Norway

Pictures from Finland

Pictures from Blekinge, Sweden

Pictures from Gotland, Sweden

Bunge Museum, Fårösund

Pictures from Halland, Sweden

Pictures from Jämtland, Sweden

Pictures from Jönköpings Län, Sweden

Pictures from Norrbottens Län, Sweden

Pictures from Skåne, Sweden

Pictures from Småland, Sweden

Pictures from Uppland, Sweden

Pictures from Västerbottens Län, Sweden

Pictures from Västergötland, Sweden

Grave Field "Ekornavallen", Falköping

Falköping City, Falköping

Karleby Långa, Falköping

Pictures from Västmanlands Län, Sweden

Pictures from Västernorrlands Län, Sweden

Pictures from Gene Fornby

Pictures from Öland, Sweden

Pictures from Örebro Län, Sweden

Pictures from Östergötland, Sweden

Pictures from Sealand, Denmark

Pictures from Møn, Denmark

Pictures from Jutland, Denmark