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The aim of HEIMSKRINGLA is to provide a free source of information for everyone. Most of our material is in so-called "public domain" – i. e. the texts are no longer subject to copyright laws and are therefore freely available to the public. According to Scandinavian copyright legislation, a text enters public domain 70 years after the death of its author. The author may also choose to make his work public property, thereby making it available for anyone to use it for any purpose.

Digitalising texts and making them available on the internet is, however, a time consuming task. So far thousands of voluntary unpaid working hours have been spent on the project. So if you do use our texts, we would appreciate it if you give credit to HEIMSKRINGLA.

According to Scandinavian legislation, the author has the right to have his name mentioned on any publication of his work, even after it has entered public domain (the commonly called droits moraux (moral rights) §3.)

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