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  • HEIMSKRINGLA is an online collection of Old Norse source material, primarily Eddas, Icelandic sagas, scaldic poetry, and some background material.
  • HEIMSKRINGLA consists of some 6900 titles in the Old Norse language or translated into the modern Scandinavian languages.
  • HEIMSKRINGLA builds on the assumption that these texts – being part of our cultural heritage – should be made available for everybody.
  • HEIMSKRINGLA is subject to the laws of copyright. Consequently we are restricted when it comes to more recent publications.
  • HEIMSKRINGLA is run as an idealistic project. Therefore we always need volunteers. On this link you can read how to become part of the project.


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WE PRESENT: digitalized

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Norske Folke-Sagn
by Andreas Faye (1802-1869)
Folklorist Andreas Faye's collection of traditional Norwegian folklore is now complete on Heimskringla. – It may be hard to get an overview of folkloristic material partly because of the amount of the material, partly because traditional legends often have survived without any references. However many of these stories and tales are full of valuable hints to traditional folk belief as well as to Old Norse mythology. Faye's collection is divided into these categories: 1) Overnaturlige Væsener, 2) Kjæmper og Konger, 3) Sanct Olaf, 4) Den sorte Død, 5) Historiske Sagn og 6) Forskjellige Sagn.
WE PRESENT: on print

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Beda: Anglernes kirkehistorie – Anno 731
By Bede (672-735)

The Ecclesiastical History of the English People is written in the year 731 by the English monk Bede – also known as The Venerable Bede. The author describes the divided English kingdoms and the upcoming of the Christian Church. In chronological order from the first invasion by the Romans in 55 AD to his own life-time Bede paints a vivid picture of the struggle for religious and political unity. This history offers unique insight into the Britain that met the Vikings when they first arrived at the holy island of Lindisfarne in the year 793.
Published by HEIMSKRINGLA Reprint and available here.

Recent texts

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Special features

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  • E-Library: Links to some 400 books - all available online.
  • Gallery: Visit Heimskringla's gallery of historical sites etc.
  • Biographical Index: Briefly on manuscript collectors, scholars, and authors who have had an influence on the conservation, publication and interpretation of Old Norse source material.
Ongoing projects

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About the HEIMSKRINGLA-project and the people behind it

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The big overview

        1. Den ældre Edda
        2. Edda-lignende tekster
        3. Den yngre Edda (Snorres Edda)
        4. Skjaldekvad og rímur
     5. Islændingesagaer og fortællinger
     6. Samtidssagaer
     7. Kongesagaer I (Snorres)
     8. Kongesagaer II (Øvrige)
     9. Fornaldersagaer
     10. Helgensagaer (og religiøs litt.)
     11. Riddersagaer
     12. Bispesagaer
     13. Historiske værker
     14. Annaler
     15. Lovtekster
     16. Øvrige kildetekster
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.: Picture and text are out of position on my screen and some characters do not show up correctly. Why?    

A.: For optimal viewing of, please use Firefox or Safari. Your Character Encoding should be set on "Unicode (UTF-8)". (In the menu bar choose View then Character Encoding etc.) You may also use Opera and choose the same settings.

Q: Do errors occur in the texts?
A: Even though all our texts have been proofread, we cannot guarantee that typing and spelling mistakes do not occur. We encourage our readers to contact our webmaster however, if you should come across a mistake of typing, spelling or any other inconsistencies. Furthermore we want to emphasize that a text on the Internet should always be compared to the original before it is used in books (quotes, references etc.)

Q: I am not able to get access to all the pages as I am being asked for a username and a password. Can I get a password from you?
A: Unfortunately not. For copyright reasons a small part of our text material is password-protected and inaccessible to the general public. In individual cases I may give restricted access to the password-protected collection if someone is contributing with relevant text material to the collection.

Q: How can I contribute to the project?
A: The HEIMSKRINGLA - project needs practical as well as financial contributions. See the information page about financing, voluntary proofreading and technical assistance. All contributions will be received with gratitude.

Q: I am a student who needs help with my assignment. Can you help me?
A: Unfortunately we cannot do that. Consult your teacher or local librarian. You are of course free to make use of the material from for your assignment: if you do so, please remember to make references. Generally speaking, however one must be very careful in using sources from the Internet for assignments and other schoolwork, as there is much misinformation on the Internet.

Q: Can you send me a message when a page is updated with new material?
A: All information about updates and other relevant matters can be found on our Facebook page.

Q: The text I am looking for is not to be found in the "Norrøne Tekster og Kvad" - project. Will you be so kind as to publish it for me?
A: The aim is to make "Norrøne Tekster og Kvad" as comprehensive as possible. In practice the greatest limitation is the acquisition of text material. It goes without saying that such a wide-ranging project cannot be completed in all fields at the same time. Which areas are finished first and how broadly or well the coverage is, will depend on who is contributing to the project at a given time.

Sp.: Is an App available for the material on Heimskringla?
Sv.: No unfortunately not. But by clicking on Mobilvisning at the bottom of the page, you get a format that is customised for mobile or tablet.